Step-by-Step Buying Guide

1. Choose a Car You Like

Choose a Car You Like After you’ve found a car that you like from our stock list, press the “Inquiry” button to get a quotation from us. Please write your country, port and any other required information (inspection etc.) in the message field.

2. Price Negotiation

Price Negotiation We’ll send you a quotation shortly. Then we can discuss the most comfortable price for each of us. You should know that there’re 3 types of price: FOB (the price of car itself), C&F (Car + Shipping cost without Insurance) and CIF (Car, Shipping cost and Marine Insurance). We suggest you to choose CIF for your safety.

3. Issuing an Invoice

Issuing an Invoice

After we’ve agreed on price, you can request an invoice. We’ll need the following information from you to proceed, so please write it carefully. Consignee (You): Full name, Address, Telephone number (reachable), e-mail address; + Same information on Notify Party if needed.


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4. Payment


Once you've received the invoice, please proceed with the payment. We kindly ask our customers to pay 100% of the price (+ bank charge) in advance by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) within 3 working days. We’ll remove the car from our listing after receiving a copy of T/T from you.


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T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)

5. Freight Booking

Freight Booking We’ll start looking for the nearest vessel to load your car after confirming your payment on our bank account. After completing the booking, we’ll inform you of the shipping schedule (Estimated time of departure and arrival, Vessel name).

6. Shipping


First we’ll send you a copy of B/L (Bill of Lading) by e-mail in a couple of days before vessel’s departure. Please check it carefully, especially your name, address and telephone number. We’ll receive original B/L in about 10 days after departure, and send a copy to you for the final check.


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B/L (Bill of Loading)

7. Dispatching of B/L Documents

Dispatching of B/L Documents We’ll send you the B/L, Invoice, De-registration Certificate, Inspection Certificate (if available) and Marine Insurance Policy (CIF orders only) by DHL. Please kindly inform us when you receive them.

8. Receiving Your Car

Receiving Your Car You’ll need the B/L documents we sent you to pick up your car at the port. Please don’t leave your car for a long time in the port for its safety. We’ll be delighted to receive a comment from you about your car and our service, too. Thank you!